About Us

Soon after we were married in April of 2011, we knew God was guiding us toward international ministry. I (Jason) served in student ministry for over six years and Rachel served in college/missions ministry for most of her time in college including spending nine months in Moscow, Russia. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to begin to pursue different mission organizations. Early in this process, we crossed paths with Greater Europe Mission and haven’t looked back because it was apparent that this was God’s direction for us.


We moved to Berlin, Germany in May 2014 to serve with a team. We would like to introduce you to our teammates: TheĀ Baublets. They have been a huge encouragement on our journey in many different ways. Check out their site to find out tons of information about missions, the urgency in Europe and why they are living inĀ Berlin.

Through some unique training opportunities and some God-given relationships throughout the city, God has deepened our heart for the Syrian people and when it began, in someways it didn’t make sense. Why live in Berlin if God wants us to love and share our lives with the Syrian people? During the spring and summer of 2015, we received our answer. Thousands of Syrians are coming to Germany and many of them won’t be leaving for a long time or ever at all. By packing up their families, traveling for weeks in very dangerous situations and coming to a new and very unfamiliar place, these people are in need of many things….but most of all JESUS. The longer we stay here, the clearer it becomes that God has placed us here for this very situation.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for and encouraged us. God has definitely blessed us with people who have a heart to see the Gospel spread throughout the world. Even though these aren’t our plans, we have seen God already work in amazing ways and we are excited to see what else He is going to do!